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Job Description:


Ÿ Consolidate news articles, information and make a Management Consulting report twice a month. (about 7-10 pages)

Ÿ Assist to prepare internal/external reports, business letter or memorandums.

Ÿ Check and follow up R.D and V.P’s schedule and e-mails daily & receive phone call.

Ÿ Organize global or local meetings & entertainments and help to prepare the materials for meetings.

Ÿ Coordinate activities between R.D and departments. : Consolidate performances and objectives of each Department once a month   

Ÿ Arrange the business trip for V.P: Coordination. (Travel Request Form approval procedure)

Ÿ Manage the expense for R.D and V.P

Ÿ Manage the vacation, congratulations & condolences for R.D

Ÿ Control Driver’s schedule and manage expenses.


-          Job Requirements:

-       대학 졸업 이상 관련 분야 경험자

-       회사 대표 비서 3년 이상 경험자

-       영어 능통자

-       긍정적이고 겸손한 분으로 모든 상대와 대화가 가능 하신분

-       다국적기업 경험자 우대

-       Excellent MS office proficiency: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook


Job Requirements:

Ø  Above a bachelors degree in related field.

Ø  At least 3 years experience as Executive Assistant.

Ø  Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Korean and English.

Ø  Interpersonal, positive, polite & proactive person.

Ø  Excellent communication skills on all levels.

Ø  Experiences in multinational companies preferred.

Ø  Excellent MS office proficiency: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.



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